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  1. Although technology gives business communicators more options, it also requires more decisions and more skills.
  2. When you need to convey emotion and excitement, delivering your message in person might be best.
  3. Sometimes the way you need to present your document will dictate which tools you use.
  4. When using databases to find information, you can use statistical analysis software to sort through numerical data.
  5. With the right equipment, you can use your computer to add full-color pictures and sound recordings to your documents.
  6. Because computers have become so powerful, grammar checkers can easily determine whether your document states your message correctly and communicates it clearly.
  7. E-mail is created, transmitted, and read entirely on computers.
  8. Companies could easily live without telephones now that computers provide e-mail and word processing.
  9. Unlike most other aspects of communication, technology has not really changed the way business people use their phones.
  10. businesses and individuals who don't have e-mail, fax machines, and other technological tools tend to be left out of the communication flow.
Multiple Choice
  1. Because technology gives you so many more options (such as word processors, laser printers, fax machines, teleconferenceing, e-mail, etc.), (A) you no longer have to think about what you are going to say and how you are going to say it. (B) you no longer have to decide which technological tools to use for communicating your ideas. (C) the choices you have to make as a communicator are more complicated. (D) all of the above are true.
  2. the predominant tools for creating printed documents are (A) databases. (B) word-processing software. (C) CD-ROMs. (D) pen-based computers.
  3. Whether the information you need can be found inside or outside your company, you may need to consult collections of facts, known as (A) scanners. (B) local area networks. (C) databases. (D) dictation systems.
  4. One way e-mail has changed the style of business communication is (A) to decrease the flow of information within the organization. (B) to increase the formality of business communication with special attention to format and document design. (C) to increase internal communication by opening new channels of communication inside the organization. (D) to decrease the amount of contact between lower-level employees and upper-level management.
  5. Communication technology can directly boost profits because (A) it costs less to purchase the equipment necessary for effective communication. (B) it allows people with no technical experience to apply for jobs. (C) it increases the pressure on business people to perform. (D) it costs less for people to produce and distribute messages and documents.
  6. Technology has at least two drawbacks: (A) speed and accessibility. (B) competition and information flow. (C) complexity and expense. (D) efficiency and dependability.
Short Answer
  1. What are the benefits and the limitations of spell checkers and grammar checkers?
  2. Discuss four ways technology is changing business communication.

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