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Multiple Choice
  1. The first step in the report-writing process is to
  2. Which of the following is the least clear statement of purpose?
  3. When you factor a problem, you
  4. A study of a process would best be structured
  5. An analytical study would most likely be organized
  6. You may not need a detailed preliminary outline if
  7. The headings in an outline should always be
  8. Which of the following is an example of a descriptive outline caption?
  9. which of the following is not one of the basic rules for dividing an idea into component parts?
  10. Once you've defined the problem and prepared an outline, you can
  11. The value of your report depends most strongly on
  12. An example of a secondary research source for a report about whether to publish a company newsletter would be
  13. Which of the following would not be a good secondary research source?
  14. Which of these documents would not usually qualify as primary research?
  15. Using formal observation to obtain data is
  16. Survey results are considered reliable when
  17. Survey results are considered valid when
  18. People are more likely to respond to a questionnaire if
  19. To help obtain valid results from a questionnaire, you
  20. If you wanted to find out how a particular change in working conditions would affect worker production, the most objective approach to follow would be to
  21. The most commonly used average is the
  22. What would be the median for the following set of monthly salaries: $1,200; $1,200; $1,300; $1,500; $1,700; $2,000; $2,800?
  23. In a particular set of figures or data, the number that occurs most often is called the
  24. The range of a set of numbers is
  25. Trend analysis involves
  26. Once you have identified a trend, you
  27. If you find that Gary Harper consistently sells the most electronic keyboards in your music store, you can conclude that
  28. When drawing conclusions for a report, you
  29. Conclusions differ from recommendations in that conclusions
  30. The recommendations made in a report should be

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