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  1. Persuasion can be defined as asking somebody to do something.
  2. Even though people may have different needs, they will respond to a given message in much the same way.
  3. To devise an effective persuasive message, you need to analyze audience members and then appeal to their needs.
  4. To assess individual needs, specific information such as demographics and psychographics can be helpful.
  5. Because persuasion is the same across all cultures, you don't need to pay special attention to an audience's cultural expectations and practices when formulating your message.
  6. One of the best ways to gain credibility for your message is to support it with objective evidence.
  7. Abstract concepts such as freedom, prestige, or success can be used to enhance the emotional content of persuasive messages.
  8. The term AIDA refers to a computer program used to compose persuasive messages.
  9. In the attention phase of a persuasive letter, you tell the audience what is in the message for them.
  10. The interest section of a persuasive letter provides details on how the message is related to the audience.
  11. The purpose of the desire section of a persuasive letter is to convince readers that they really need to take the action that the message urges.
  12. All persuasive messages end with a section that urges specific action.
  13. When making a persuasive request, you can offer no benefits to the reader and thus must appeal to his or her altruistic tendencies.
  14. When soliciting funds or help from someone, it is acceptable to use flattery, especially if it is sincere.
  15. When requesting help from someone, make the appeal as general as possible, such as "Please do everything you can to help."
Multiple Choice
  1. You run the risk of serious legal problems if, in a sales letter, you
  2. Which of the following would be considered a selling point of a car phone?
  3. As you consider the benefits of your product, in your sales letter you will ultimately want to
  4. Which of the following is not one of the tried-and-true attention-getting devices used in sales letters?
  5. Asking "What does the competition offer?" "What is special about my product?" and "What are potential buyers really looking for?" helps you determine
  6. If the audience for your sales letter promoting a new security system is made up of affluent suburbanites, the consumer benefit you would most want to emphasize in your letter is
  7. Which of the following would be the best wording in a sales letter?
  8. If price is one of your strong selling points, you
  9. In a sales letter, product claims are
  10. A deadly mistake in writing fundraising letters is to assume that
  11. The best fundraising letters accomplish several things, including
  12. Conscientious customers who have not paid their bills are likely to be
  13. When preparing collection letters, you emphasize
  14. The typical collection series begins with
  15. If a customer has not responded to your notification of a payment due, the next step is to send
  16. In an ultimatum to a debtor,

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